Milky Way in Sedona

A Milky Way in Sedona

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The Milky Way and Sedona’s Red Rocks

This trip was planned with one purpose, to get the Milky Way in Sedona. It started several weeks back when I ventured to Sedona Arizona with my buddy Bryan Snider for an all night photography adventure. Fortune smiled on me as this is my third Milky Way image from that trip.

I’ve always been fascinated with the milky way and the images I have seen of it over the years. The intense cluster of stars with all those crazy colors just mesmerizes me. After grabbing several milky way images my fascination has only grown.

One of the things I love about the shot above was the fact it turned out exactly how I expected it to. Bryan an I were able to scout this site early in the daylight and by using an iPhone app it showed us exactly where the milky way would pop up. Gotta love technology.

I’m super excited to continue my obsession with getting Milky Way shots. Living here in the southwest I don’t have to drive too far to find some interesting locations.  One area I want to visit is Mt. Lemon down by Tucson. I’ve seen some really nice shots come from Mt. Lemon so I’m excited to get down there.

A big thank you to my buddy Bryan for hanging out with me on this over niter. It proved to be a long night but I got my Milky Way in Sedona.


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