A Grand Canyon Sunset

Grand Canyon sunset

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Golden Sunlight Sets Up a Grand Canyon Sunset

This past Saturday I made a day trip to catch a Grand Canyon Sunset. Truth to be told I made the trip in hopes of catching a storm in the Canyon. 

Mother Nature decided not to play nice on Saturday as she kept the stormy weather at bay. Of course I was disappointed not to get a storm shot, but any day you are photographing one of the Seven Wonders is still a good day. Let’s not lose sight of that!

My partner in crime Bryan Snider graciously volunteered to drive us up there. His little Prius (which is the fodder of many jokes) gets amazing gas mileage especially compared to my Tacoma 4WD truck. I met Bryan around 1pm as we made our way north to the big hole in the ground. Along the way we did hit a few patches of storm cells near Prescott. We of course had to stop and grab a few shots of some rather ominous cloud structures.

Satisfied with our clouds, we continued the trip north. The radar was giving us hope the whole way up that storms would indeed make their way through the Canyon. Again with weather, nothing is ever guaranteed. My hopes of violent thunderstorms and lightning lighting up the Canyon walls would not happen that day. We would be blessed with some gorgeous light through out our stay which rewarded me with a nice Grand Canyon sunset.

Bryan being the trooper he is, had just made this trip the day before. He captured an amazing daylight lightning shot in the Canyon. My envy runneth over. Nonetheless it was a good trip. I managed to see a Grand Canyon sunset and photograph it. I got to hang out with my buddy for the day and talk all things baseball, photography, and hockey.  There are worse ways to spend a Saturday. 🙂

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