Milky Way and Sedona

Milky Way and Sedona

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The Milky Way and Sedona seem to be a perfect match for each other. Both have a mystical sense about them that has fascinated man for ages. 

The Milky Way and Sedona Combine for a Stunning Sight

I have always been fascinated with astronomy since I was a child. Growing up in the country we always had a great view of the stars at night. Like most kids I dreamed up traveling to outer space and walking on the moon. My parents even bought me a small telescope one year for my birthday. I still remember being blown away by seeing the craters on the moon.

With those old memories resurrected I decided last summer that a trip was in order to capture the Milky Way over Sedona. I scheduled the trip with my buddy Bryan Snider who is always up for an excursion. We checked the calendar for the right combination of a new moon and a good time for the Milky Way to rise so our trip would be worthwhile. Who knew so many factors went in to getting some photos of the Milky Way and Sedona. Good thing I have a master’s in electrical engineering.

When our day finally arrived we set out with a late afternoon departure. Upon arriving we had some daylight left so we decided to get some sunset photos. Never waste an opportunity while in the red rocks of Sedona. Bryan had picked out a few spots for us to shoot from once night fell. This was a huge plus for the “make the trip enjoyable” category. Knowing a few locations ahead of time gives you plenty of time to get set up and allow for some scouting in the general area.

As the night fell upon us we started shooting the Milky Way. Both of us were thrilled to see it on the backs of our cameras. It was such a great time. I’m looking forward to going back this year and getting even more shots. So stay tuned for the summer!

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