Morning Fisherman

A man fishing from a boat in Willow Springs Lake Arizona.

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This past weekend we escaped to the Mogollon Rim for a much needed camping trip.  The “Rim” as it is called is a very popular spot during the summer months when Phoenix hits triple digits.  A short 2 hour drive will put you at 7500 feet and back into relaxing temperatures.

We arrived Friday afternoon to see some patches of snow left from the previous nights 2″ of accumulation.  Yes, snow in AZ in late May.  Maybe rapture day would come?  Thank goodness we brought beer!

Saturday morning I got up just after sunrise to head out for some photo gathering.  I had planned on being up earlier but blame that cool 40 degree morning for wanting to sleep in a bit.  After getting the cobwebs out of my head I set off for Willow Springs Lake.  Upon arriving I saw that the fishermen had no problem getting there early.  The parking lot was full with trailers.  Man that is commitment.

I saw the boat pictured above making his way across the lake and fog and thought what a great opportunity for me to use the 70-200.  For whatever reason the zoom has lived inside my camera bag more than outside.  Shame, I know.

Processing this in b&w seemed like the natural thing to do with the fog.  A few tweaks in Phototools & LR and I had what I wanted.

Rapture day never came but a bunch of photos did.  I’m looking forward to sharing a few more over the next few days.

Until next time…


Processing info: Canon 40d, Canon 70-200L, Phototools 2.6, LR3.4, CS4


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  1. As a fisherman, I can really appreciate this. 🙂
    That fog burning off the water really sets the mood.
    Awesome shot, Chris!

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