Light streaming through pine trees at dawn

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Here’s another one from our camping trip this past weekend. As I stumbled out of our camper Saturday morning the smell of breakfast was in the air.  Let me just stop right here and say that breakfast being cooked in the mountains smells and tastes about 1000 times better than any place else.  If you have ever camped, you know what I’m talking about.

As I looked around I spotted the guilty party across the ways from our site.  They had built a huge campfire and had the skillet going full bore.  I can still smell the bacon.  Mmm, bacon.

Of course I had to break away as there were pictures to be taken that morning.  As I made my way to my truck, I noticed the smoke from the campfire was making its way through the woods.  The sun was just coming through the trees at the right time.  With camera in hand I started firing away.

The thing I like best about this simple photo is it takes me back to that brisk morning of fresh air, pine trees, and a beautiful sunrise.  Oh and lets not forget the bacon.

I cherish these family camping trips that allows us to get away from the rat race and just slow down.  Our lives are filled with work, traffic, commitments, and schedules and not enough of simply enjoying what Mother Nature has to offer.

Until next time…