Nantucket Lobster Shack

The Nantucket Lobster Shack on the island of Nantucket MA.

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Continuing on with yesterday’s theme of New England and pano crops, I proudly present “The Nantucket Lobster Shack.”

During my stay in Boston, Carol was able to fly out for a long weekend of sightseeing.  Nantucket was on our list of places to see so we made the drive down to Hyannis Port to catch the ferry.   We lucked out, the weather was perfect that morning for a nice little boat ride.  Upon reaching the island we did the usual tourist stuff and made our way around the island via bicycle.  A quick note here… do not underestimate the size of the island!  We thought we could take a quick jaunt from the port to the Sankaty Head Lighthouse.  We wore ourselves out, and of course that justified a nice big ice cream treat later.

The shot above was taken as we were getting ready to depart for the ferry.  I always crack up at this one as it was taken in the spur of the moment.  My wife was finishing up some last minute shopping nearby and I was walking around with no agenda.   I looked up and saw the clouds in the back and the soft light at the front and knew I had a pretty good picture staring at me.  Just like yesterday’s shot, it was cropped freely in Lightroom to add some flare.  This is one of my wife’s all-time favorite shots.  She sees a story in the photo with the boat docked at the restaurant, the white picket ramp leading to the 2-story house lit from within and the steeple of the church off center.  If you’ve never been, it’s hard to explain, but this is classic Nantucket.

Nantucket is a must-see.  The island is full of charm that has to be experienced.  My only regret was we ran out of time to make it over to Martha’s Vineyard.  Guess that means another trip is on order.

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  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I LOVE this shot. It is truly one of my favs!!!!!!!! Chris laughs because it is nothing fancy, single bracket, handheld, spur of the moment. But it is still my favorite.

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