Bay Birds

Old pier at Provincetown Massachusetts.
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Today’s shot is from a trip I spent on the east coast a few years back.  My job had me spending quite a bit of time in the Boston area so I made the most of it.

The image above was taken at Provincetown Massachusetts.   My wife and decided to drive down to the Cape Cod area for some site seeing and eventually we found ourselves in Provincetown.  From a photography point of view I didn’t see that much but the town is definitely unique.   We will leave it at that.

The shot of the old pier with the birds was hand-held and is simply a pano crop.  The uncropped version just didn’t jump out at me so I decided to use a free form pano crop in Lightroom.  Given the nature of the pier it seemed b&w was the call for processing.  In the end I think the shot turned out pretty well.

I love visiting Boston and the New England area.  If you ever get a chance to visit Bean Town and its surroundings don’t pass it by.   It is rich with our country’s history and the landscape is beautiful.

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  1. This is best as it is. I cannot imagine it colored. The black and white effect made it perfectly awesome.

  2. Never been to that area of the country, but I bet there are a lot of great photo opps. Nice job with the crop – definitely brings the attention to the pier.

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