A Grand Sunset

Grand Canyon

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With the government shutdown going on I thought I would revisit my trip to the Grand Canyon this past summer. Luckily for me it was still open for business.

Sunset Over the Grand Canyon

I was thinking this week how sad it must be for those who have planned a trip to our national parks to only find a “Closed” sign hanging on a gate to greet them. Those once in a lifetime vacations to see our natural treasures such as the Grand Canyon now being put on hold. Unreal.

The image above I managed to get this past summer while on a storm chasing trip with my buddy Bryan Snider. This excursion proved to be a whirlwind trip. We left Phoenix around noon on a Saturday with the hopes of catching a late afternoon storm rolling through the Canyon. As we made our way north up I17 towards Flagstaff we passed through several smaller storms that tempted us to stay. Each of these appeared to have the potential to explode but we pressed on for a bigger prize.

As we passed through Flagstaff we checked the radar on our phones one last time to see what the current system looked like at the Grand Canyon. Much to our disappointment, the system was weakening along with our hopes of an epic storm chase. Nonetheless we pushed on to the South Rim. Even with no storm activity, we are still talking about one of the seven natural wonders of the world. The view is still pretty good. 🙂

We finished out our day shooting the sunset and grabbing a few time lapses of this magnificent view. Mother Nature digs a pretty a good hole in the ground.

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  1. Great shot Chris. Love the tones and the rays of sunlight. You are right about about the idiots in Washington. Just got back from a cross country trip. Fortunately, I missed the shutdown but would have been mighty angry had it occurred during the trip.

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