Coyotes and the Oilers

A Coyotes hockey player goes after the puck.

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Something a little different for the blog today. “So I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out”! Ok, bad joke I know but figured why not.

This past Wednesday night I was invited by my buddy Bryan Snider to attend a Phoenix Coyote’s hockey game. The Edmonton Oilers were in town to face the desert dogs for a showdown at Jobing.com arena.  Now I will have to say I’m by no means a big hockey fan but I do try and support the local teams. Heaven knows the Coyotes could use all the support they can get.

I will have to say the highlight of the night was our seats. Bryan got us two rows from the ice. Talk about an experience! Wow! I have only been to a couple of games in the past and was sitting in the nose bleed section. Let me just say that if you ever get a chance to sit right on the ice, do it. It gives the game a whole new dimension. One can not truly appreciate how fast these guys skate until you witness it from that perspective. As for the checks into the glass, you not only see it but feel it.

The Oilers scored early in the first period with a quick goal. It would not be until 20 seconds left in the 3rd period that the desert dogs would get their first goal to send the game into overtime. Victory would end up favoring the Oilers on a controversial goal. Boo!  Needless to say it was still a great game.

Coyotes hockey player goes against an Oilers player

A Coyotes hockey player at the glass

Two hockey players leave the glass after a check

Hockey players skate for the puck


Coyotes hockey team skating after the puck

Coyotes and Oilers hockey player faceoff

A player for the Phoenix Coyotes chases the puck

Shane Doan of the Phoenix Coyotes

Oilers hockey player with the puck

A player for the Phoenix Coyotes waits for the puck


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  1. Nice shots Chris. I am curious, did they have any sort of restrictions on what type of gear you could bring? I have heard that many sports teams restrict based on the physical length of the lens.

    Also, news is breaking all over the Seattle area today that the Coyotes might be moving here.

    1. Hey Scott. I hope they can get a deal here to keep the Coyotes in Phoenix. I kept my 70-200L at the bottom of my camera bag which they didn’t bother to check. 🙂

  2. How much where you shooting through the glass as it doesn’t look like too many shots have the safety glass in them? Looks like a darn good time!

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