Arizona Weather Means Monsoon Lightning

Monsoon lightning strikes the desert

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Lightning in Arizona Desert

Today we go back to last summer for a monsoon lightning storm image.  I figured it has been awhile since I posted a storm chasing photo so I dug this one up. Arizona weather here we come. 

This set of strikes was taken just off of Interstate 8 last September. I was on my way to Gila Bend but stopped here as the lightning activity started picking up. Fortunately there was a rest stop nearby which made pulling over much easier for setting up. In a matter of minutes this area really started firing off with multiple strikes. I captured another lightning strike here that has to be one of my all time favorites.

I was not able to stay here too long as the thunder storm moved towards me bringing rain and the lightning a little too close. You can never lose respect for the Arizona weather.

Satisfied with what I had I packed up and headed on out towards Gila Bend to see what else was in store for me that evening. Storm chasing is such an adventure as you never know what you are going to come across. Of course keeping your wits about you means coming home in one piece to enjoy those photos.

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