Race to the Superstition Mountains

Superstition Mountains

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It’s been awhile since I have done a road shot. So when drama clouds roll in and I’m short on time there is only place to go to, the Superstition Mountains. 

Stormy Day at the Superstition Mountains

Road shots and the Superstition Mountains go hand in hand for me. I’ve gotten several shots of the Superstitions over the years and it never gets old. I’ve always thought of them as a zen place for me. Rather viewing them from a distance or up close at Lost Dutchman State Park everything seems to fade for a bit.

This view from Lost Dutchman Boulevard was captured exactly how it looks. I was laying right in the middle of the road with my camera and tripod. Fortunately this road is not too busy and affords one (crazy photographer) time to get this shot.  My wife is never happy with me when I come home with one of these. I keep trying to explain myself but…well you can guess how that goes. 🙂

For those here in Arizona I highly encourage you to visit Lost Dutchman State Park. There are numerous hiking trails that offer spectacular views of the desert and Phoenix. The spring flowers should be showing up anytime now so if you have that chance don’t delay.


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  1. This is amazing, plain and simple, Chris! Love that natural leading line in the yellow stripes there and how it takes you right into the frame! A very strong image, indeed, my friend!

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