Superstition Mountains

Road to the Superstition Mountains

Superstition Mountains

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One of my favorite subjects to shoot here locally in Phoenix are the Superstition Mountains. I have never been able to truly know why and I have come to accept that I may never really know why they draw me in.

A few weeks back I had a few hours free towards the end of the day and decided to take a mini road trip (40 minute drive) to Lost Dutchman State Park. The park is home to the Superstition Mountains and numerous hiking trails. This area is very popular for a variety of reasons. Hikers and campers are always out at the park taking in the desert views. Not to mention those silly photographers.

The clouds were hanging around all afternoon which was my final prodding to make the trip out. You never know how the clouds will hang around the Supers towards the end of the day. I’ve seen amazing skies setting up early only to vanish at sunset and break the hearts of many photographers (myself included). As I made my way out highway 60 my gut started telling me that I should hurry. The clouds I was seeing would not be there at sunset.  My instincts hardly fail me so I pushed the speed limit to make my date.

I knew I would not get to the park in time to set up so I headed to an old familiar spot, Lost Dutchman Boulevard. If you follow this blog you know I have a strong passion for highway shots like this one. My wife accuses me of having a death wish at times since I’m camped out in the middle of a highway with a camera. I always assure her I have no death wish, just a desire for the shot. 🙂

After setting up I grabbed a few images and watched the clouds slowly trickle away. Since I had my money shots for the day I packed up and headed the Superstition Mountains hoping for a last second something to happen. Having driven this far I figured another mile on in wouldn’t hurt.

Long story short nothing else happened as the clouds ran away as the sun began to set. Landscape photography is always a game with Mother Nature. A game she has rigged to her favor. Sometimes she will let you win, sometimes she won’t. Nonetheless it’s a game I always enjoy playing.

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  1. Why try to explain why a particular location draws us in? We all have those that seem to sing to our soul. Even though I have never been there, I can see its attraction. Have a great New Year Chris.

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