Where To On Arizona Highways 387


The sun sets on AZ highway 387.

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One of my passions is getting out and exploring what Mother Nature has to offer.  Rather it be an electric monsoon storm, the cool mountains, or one of the many Arizona highways. 

When I”m not shooting portraits or weddings I truly cherish these times to be outdoors.  My day job has me locked up from 8 to 5 so getting outside is more than just a breath of fresh of air.  It’s a chance to clear my head and see the land with a photographer’s eye.

Among the things I enjoy shooting are road shots.  With so many Arizona highways to choose one doesn’t have to travel far. If you follow this blog you will find several throughout it. There is something about the view of staring down an empty highway and wondering where it could take you. Ahh an escape if only for a few minutes (before that on-coming car sends you back to reality).

Of course the flip side to this is my wife’s thoughts that I’m a complete idiot for standing in the middle of a highway with a camera.  I think she doesn’t see the bigger picture, pun intended.

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Camera: Canon 5DM2 with a Canon 17-40L

Processing: Lightroom 4.1, CS 5, Phototools 2.6

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  1. I am not sure what attracts photographers to road shots. It might be the contrast in the road to the scene or the leading line but count me in on these shots. Very nicely captured

  2. That is the kind of sight that makes me want a Ford GT40, no cops around for at least 100 miles, and a full tank of gas and fresh tires. What a beautiful shot!

  3. My wife is constantly pulling me back from the brink of disaster, Chris. I think it’s our lot in life, as photographers, to put ourselves out there for the great shot. You’ve done a splendiferous job on this one! I love great vanishing points, and quite honestly this is truly one of the best I’ve ever seen!

  4. What a great road shot, Chris. With these wonderful earth-tone colors and that awesome sky, this is an outstanding image.

    Love it!

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