Superstition Mountains Panorama

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Today we showcase a true southwest landscape with this Superstition Mountains panorama. Last week we finally had some clouds roll into the valley of the sun so I made my way out to Lost Dutchman Park for this sunset.

Superstition Mountains Panorama

After processing this image I couldn’t help but think “Welcome to the Wild Wild West!”. I have shot the Superstition Mountains numerous times but this one really screamed southwest landscape to me. I’m not sure if it is the clouds at sunset or just the sheer size of this shot that resonates but I’m really proud of this one.

We are blessed here in Arizona to have some amazing sunsets. The warm golden light that paints the valley of the sun is truly magical. The color you see on the Superstitions is pretty much what I saw this day. This photo has minimal processing other than it being processed from 6 separate images to create the pano.

I shot this with my new Fuji x100s camera. It’s an amazing little camera that is started to prove itself as a very versatile camera. I wasn’t sure how it would handle a large landscape but it has passed with flying colors. The Fuji is known as a great street photography camera that rocks portraits and everyday life captures. I’ve not seen too many true landscape images shot with it and maybe that’s due to the fixed 23mm (35mm equivalent) lens not being wide enough. However by shooting in a portrait orientation and stitching those together the Fuji is quite capable of delivering impressive landscape photos.

I can’t wait to get out and shoot more with this little camera. The southwest holds a lot special places to shoot so I have a good list to get through. For now I will be happy with my Superstition Mountains panorama and just enjoy the view.

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