Tempe At Night

Tempe At Night

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Last night I made my way over to Tempe at night in hopes of grabbing some storm shots coming in from the north. The storms were not very strong but I went out anyway. Better to be shooting something than just sitting at home right?

The City of Tempe at Night

Of course by the time I made it over to Tempe, there wasn’t much going on in the way of stormy goodness. I decided to hike up “A Mountain” for a better view. For those not familiar with “A Mountain” it is a small butte located in the downtown area. It has an elevation of approximately 1,500 feet at it’s highest point and the base sits at roughly 1,150 feet.  This makes for a 350 foot elevation gain in one third of mile hike. Yes, its a crazy steep workout to get to the top.

As the sun began to set I enjoy the breeze from the remnants of the storm. It was refreshing to have some cool air for a change.  Once the sun set I was staring down at Tempe at night. The clouds looked interesting so I figured it was worth a few shutter clicks.

Sitting at top I realized that this was only my 2nd time of climbing A Mountain. I have lived in the Phoenix area since 1998 and had only done this twice?!? Shame. We can chalk that up to the old “there is always next weekend” excuse. Hopefully I will be able to make more trips up A Mountain. It provides a nice 360 degree panoramic view of the valley. If only it wasn’t quite the chore to climb it. Oh well a little exercise never hurt anyone.

This shot turned out ok. I love the split tone of the clouds. This was all done by Mother Nature, no post processing tricks. Sometimes she is the best editor for things like this. 🙂

Until next time.

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