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Lightning Strikes Twice

Lightning strikes twice in the Arizona desert

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What’s that saying about lightning strikes twice? This past Tuesday it struck twice at the same time. 

Arizona Monsoon Lightning Strikes Twice

Tuesday proved to be a frustrating and rewarding day all in one. It was frustrating in the sense the weather did not become active until very late in the day. I had hoped for an early activity of clouds building and kicking off storms in the early part of the afternoon. That didn’t happen until late in the day. We can’t always get what we want.

The rewarding part started with a strong thunderstorm system that rolled in from the northeast. This monster was kicking up blowing dust and tumble weeds (still can’t get used to seeing real tumble weeds)!  I was able to time lapse it and should have that up soon so keep watching for it. It generated quite a show with a massive rain cell dropping huge amounts of life giving water to the desert.

Along with getting a time lapse I ran into my storm chasing buddy Scott Wood. Scott has chased storms for a long time so check out his website when you can. He now resides in the northwest but happened to be in Phoenix for a business trip. It was good to see him.

Of course the payoff shot for this trip was the one you see above. These are the kind of lightning strikes that I live for. They fill the camera frame with blinding light and electrical sizzle. Simply beautiful! It was one of about three that I got the whole night. The storm system made it way down I10 towards Tucson which really stinks in terms of chasing. There was no where to pull off and the rain was everywhere. I was finally able to get to highway 387 and find a dry area within the storm. By then the lightning was starting to fade, but the storm had a few left in her. Thank goodness.

It proved to be a great day. I walked away with a time lapse, got to see an old friend, and proved lightning strikes twice in the Arizona desert. I will take that any day.

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