Train Track Sunset

train track sunset

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Today I thought I would take a break from my client work and post a personal image. Of course I shot this train track sunset after just finishing up with a client a few weeks back. 

Sometimes getting an image amounts to a lot of luck. Any landscape photographer worth their weight will tell you this. Yes, it is true that we go out and scout an area, know where the sun will be setting, wait on the best light to pull the trigger. But one of the variables that cannot be controlled is Mother Nature. She does as she pleases. You may get a gorgeous sunset you may get dealt a bust.

I was packing up from a family portrait session in downtown Phoenix and decided to take a few extra turns on my way out of the city. I was able to get to this clearing with the train tracks headed due west. With literally about two minutes left I was able to jump out and grab this train track sunset. Mother Nature was kind that evening.


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