A red vintage Ford truck in Bisbee Arizona.

Vintage Red

A red vintage Ford truck in Bisbee Arizona.

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Today we have a classic Ford truck I happened to catch at a vintage car show in Bisbee Arizona.  Seeing this red beauty was purely luck as we were down there on a camping trip and had no idea a classic car show would be in town.  Sometimes you get lucky.

I would say this truck was one of over 100 classic cars and trucks that lined the main streets of Bisbee.  Everywhere you turned you saw a piece of American automotive history.  Roadsters, ’57 Chevys, ’68 Cuda, and even a few Model Ts just to name a few.  If you are a car nut it was nirvana.

And of course I can’t leave without throwing out a few explanations of what Ford stands for: Freaking Old Rebuilt Dodge or Found On Road Dead.  Yes, I was a Chevy guy growing up. Those from the mid-west are either laughing with me or taking offense. 😉

Unfortunately at the time this was taken I had not yet started down the HDR path so this is a single exposure image.  Given that I still love the red color pop!

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Camera: Canon 40D with a Canon 28-135mm zoom

Processing: Lightroom, CS4, Phototools, Focal Point

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  1. Oh the good ‘ol Ford vs. Chevy debate. We were pro GM in our house as well, so the Ford and Dodge insults flowed like a raging river. Thanks for the laugh, and the wonderful photo!

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