A pair of horses grazing in a pasture in Chandler Arizona.

Equine Elegance

A pair of horses grazing in a pasture in Chandler Arizona.

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Today’s image is sort of symbolic of how I got this picture in the first place.   Horsing around!

This past Sunday I had a commercial client shoot that started around 5pm and lasted for about an hour and a half.  The location put me far enough from home that I did not have time to make it back to the house before my league basketball game.  So with camera in hand and time to kill I started driving the back farm roads of Chandler Arizona.  I knew I would have two choices coming my way, dairy farms or horses.  I chose the latter.

I was fortunate to catch these two pretty early in my drive and while the golden hour was in full effect.  They were pretty far from the road so the 70-200 was called into service.  Sometimes you need 200mm of zoom.  As I was setting up I prayed they wouldn’t move as I liked how they were facing into the setting sun.  The warm sunlight was bathing both perfectly.  God bless the golden hour.

While processing this image I had already planned to use Focal Point to see if I could get the equines to really stand out in the photo. I’m still a newbie with the tool, but overall I was pleased with the result.

Until next time…

Camera: Canon 40D with a Canon 70-200L f4

Processing: Lightroom, CS4, Phototools, Focal Point

Tags: horses, equines, animals, pair

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    1. Thanx Mike. I was hired to shoot exterior shots of the Sun Lakes Sheriff’s Posse. They are a volunteer group that assists the sheriff for the Sun Lakes area.

    1. FP is a tool made by OnOne software. It replicates effects of fast lenses giving you selective focus. Awesome tool.

  1. Excellent shot. I love horse photos and this one is especially good with the great light. BTW, great website theme (I use the same one)

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