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Family Portrait of the Crossland Family

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I have to admit that having awesome clients is the best.  For instance take my latest outdoor family portraits shoot which happens to be featured here with Jason, Renee, and Griffin. 

Could you ask for a more adorable family portrait session? I think not. I got together with these guys to do their family portrait session a little while back. It was such a fun afternoon of shooting and playing with Griffin. Yes, my inner child always comes out.

As the session went along I knew I was going to have my hands full culling down favorites.  One of the “reasons” they had so many was Jason & Renee were pros at locking focus on the camera. Griffin at times was doing what 4 year olds do which was being playful. I would be trying to get his attention while Jason and Renee never looked away from the camera. Awesome! The second I had Griffin’s attention the shutter fired.  I never had to worry about Jason & Renee looking down at Griffin. Pro parents right there. This made for a lot of extra shots you don’t normally get while shooting family pictures.

Not only were they awesome to work with, but their neighborhood in Gilbert offered a beautiful backdrop for a family photo session. I could photograph families there all day long. Below you will find a few of my favorites from their portrait session.

As always click on each pic to see them bigger.  Enjoy!

A Young With His Bike at the Park

A father and son hugging

A young family holding hands

A mother posing with her young son

A young family posing by a lake

A young boy watches his parents kiss

A little boy plays with fallen leaves

A father poses with his young son holding a football

A young couple pose for their family portrait

A Little Boy and His Football


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