Storm’s Coming

Dramatic clouds

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Dramatic clouds are no stranger to Arizona with the summer monsoons. But in the early spring they tend to be few and far between.

Back in early March we had a few days of some intense weather. These storms brought rain and hail to the desert. A combination we rarely see here in the valley of the sun. It reminded me of the weather we had back in Kansas. The temperature drops and you can feel the storm approaching.  I didn’t have as much time as I wanted to capture all of this storm goodness. Responsibilities always seem to get in the way.

The one day I did make it out I decided to head north with this overpass in mind. Once I got there the view was just how I imagined it would be. The storm was off in the distance with some serious dramatic clouds. My only snag that day was the highway patrol officer who ran me off. Just as I was set up and ready to start snapping pictures he approached from the south.  I started firing away the second I saw him take the exit ramp. My time was limited. Sure enough he gave me the 3rd degree about safety and stopping on an overpass. Yada, yada, yada.

Nonetheless I had a few shots and made my way off the overpass like a good citizen. Police officers just don’t understand the importance of a good shot.


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  1. Don’t you hate it when the authorities don’t understand the importance of getting the shot. Glad you were able to get this. Love the tones and the dramatic quality of the image.

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