Reflections from the Superstition Mountains

Superstition Mountains

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The Superstition Mountains take center stage today as the weekend draws near. As I sit here trying to write this post I can’t help but to sit back and reflect on this week’s tragedies.

Earlier this week the bombing at the Boston marathon shook us all to the core. No words can truly describe that tragic event. Like everyone else in this great nation of ours I pray for those who lost loved ones and those who were wounded. Their lives are forever changed by this horrific act of terrorism.

And if we had not had enough the week concluded with a fertilizer plant exploding in Texas. A tremendous blast that was felt 40 miles away. This explosion happened in a small town of 3000 people. My heart goes out to them and their losses. Small communities have little to begin with and I’m sure the majority of the townspeople worked at the plant.

I’ve heard it said that “when we are tested, it is when we are at our strongest”. We’ve certainly been tested this week and once again the good of humanity has shined through. First responders  showed us what true heroes do in a crisis. Their selfless efforts of running into danger when every shred of common sense would say run the other way fills me with pride. God bless each and every one of them.

Much like the Superstition Mountains, beauty can be found in the harshest of environments.

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  1. I’m writing this while watching the conclusion of the London Marathon. It’s been a horrendous week for you all in the USA, but the spirit of man is indomitable. I love the image.

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