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Phoenix Lightning

Lightning strike over Phoenix

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Last night I had just about given up hope on any Phoenix lightning strikes happening since the weather had not cooperated all weekend. Of course when monsoon season is happening you never know what to expect.

A Phoenix Lightning Strike Over Downtown

As mentioned earlier, the storm scene this past weekend was pretty bleak. At best we had scattered storms across the state with the exception of Bisbee Arizona. For some reason Mother Nature favors southeast Arizona as they were hammered with awesomeness Saturday night. In other words lightning was everywhere in the south east  of Arizona.

Fortune finally smiled for a Phoenix lightning strike late in the evening. The storm that produced this strike began building south west of Phoenix. As it grew in strength it began moving north east towards Phoenix. I watched it for quite some time before finally having faith that it would deliver some high voltage excitement. I made my way into Phoenix and met up with my chasing cohort Bryan Snider at a local parking garage. From there we had a good vantage point of the storm. All we had to do was wait and let it come to us.

That seemed like a good plan except for the storm never made its way to Phoenix. It stalled out in the west valley and eventually dissipated. We were able to get some decent shots but I had to break out my 70-200mm zoom for the best ones. I had two cameras going, one with a wide angle and the other with the telephoto. My 70-200mm was used to capture the image in this post.

I can’t complain though as this turned out to be a nice little chase that didn’t require 200 miles of driving. This trip was only 20 minutes each way. I could get use to that. 🙂

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