Sedona Engagement Photos in the Red Rocks | Michael and Iulia

Engaged couple posing in evening wear in front of Cathedral Rock Sedona Arizona.

Any time you get to do Sedona engagement photos with a gorgeous couple, it’s like winning the lottery. Getting to run around the Red Rocks and take amazing photos of your clients in the high country, jackpot! Read on to see how these two CRUSHED three different locations for their photos.

A Beautiful Fall Day for Sedona Engagement Photos

When we were discussing engagement locations with Michael and Iulia I was hoping they would choose Sedona. It’s a destination location from Phoenix as it takes about 2 hours to get there, so it’s definitely a commitment for a couple. However, the payoff is always worth it just like Nate and Amy’s Cathedral Rock engagement. Once we had decided to make the trip, I wanted to make sure these two went home with an overwhelming amount of gorgeous photos. I suggested three locations that would provide them with some unique looks to have more than just your average engagement session. They were up to the task and our adventure was set!

Our first location was Red Rock Crossing. A popular location in Sedona as it offers a variety of looks. Open spaces with views of Cathedral Rock, a working water wheel, and scenic wooded views along Oak Creek. This location alone can serve as your one stop location for stunning photos. Michael and Iulia met me in the parking lot and we went over the plan for the day. They started their session is fun casual wear and it fit perfectly with the landscape.

Engaged couple posing in front of a water wheel at Red Rock Crossing Sedona Arizona.

Guy kissing his fiancé on the cheek at Oak Creek Sedona Arizona.

Guy holding his fiancé from behind during their Sedona engagement photos.

Engaged couple looking at each other over their shoulders.

Engaged couple standing in front of Cathedral Rock at Red Rock Crossing.

Couple holding each other at Oak Creek for their Sedona engagement photos.

Couple embracing at Oak Creek for their engagement session.

I could see right away with working with Michael and Iulia how much they love each other. From their playful nature, to the look in their eyes, these two are meant for each other. Wrapping up our time at Red Rock Crossing, we ventured back into Sedona on our way to Airport Mesa. This is always a risky call as the parking area holds about 6 cars. You can almost never find a spot and have to drive up to the top and back down hoping to catch someone leaving. Luck decided to reward us for our patience as we managed to get a spot. A short climb later and we were enjoying majestic views of Sedona proper. Michael and Iulia continued their streak of crushing each frame. I seriously need to hire these two models who pretend to be lawyers. 🙂

Engaged couple posing on top of Airport Mesa in Sedona Arizona.

Close up of engaged couple on top of Airport Mesa.

Couple posing for their Sedona engagement photos on top of Airport Mesa.

Here we are on the third and final location. My super trooper clients were up to the challenge and saved the best for last. I know, hard to imagine topping what they have already done. Yet, they did. Sunset magic in Sedona with these two took it to a whole new level. Just wow. Michael hit full stride and Iulia of course just kept it going like she did all day. I can’t imagine what their wedding will be like in Romania this fall. Of course Sedona would also make for a great wedding location just like Sean and Lisa’s Sedona wedding.

Girl blowing kiss to her fiancé during their Sedona Engagement photos.

Engaged couple looking at each other over their shoulders during their engagement photos.

Couple embracing in front of Cathedral Rock during sunset in Sedona.

Couple holding hands during their engagement session.

Couple holding each other closely for their Sedona engagement photos.

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