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Senior Photo Fun | Kate

A little senior photo fun today on the blog. Back earlier this year I had the pleasure to photograph Kate’s senior photos. We had a lot of fun running around Scottsdale and Tempe Town lake.

Senior Photo Fun in Scottsdale and Tempe

It’s hard to believe that the Class of 2017 is graduating. Holy cow where has the time gone! When Kate’s mom contacted me about doing a senior photo session I was more than happy to do it. I photographed Kate’s older brother Tim a few year’s back. Both were so much fun to work to photograph.

Senior girl posing against a tree in the Scottsdale Civic Center grounds.

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We started Kate’s session in Scottsdale on the Civic Center Mall grounds. The Civic Center area is always a popular spot due to the variety of trees, fountains, and of course the “Love” sculpture. Although I would argue it’s most important feature is, that it has green grass during the Arizona winter months. Something that is hard to come by when shooting a senior at a park.

High school senior girl blowing glitter.

Kate continued to knock it out of the park with each shot. Seniors are always full of energy and it just shows in their images. Of course these days senior images are a lot different than when I had mine. We basically had a “picture day” at school and were told to wear our Sunday best. It was a cattle call style session that involved standing in line for awhile waiting your turn. Once it was your turn you stood in front of a cheesy backdrop and did a couple of “classic stiff” senior poses. Once those were shot, you were done. You waited a few weeks for the prints to come in the mail and hoped for the best. Ah, the good ole days.

We finished up at the park and made our way over to Tempe Town Lake. I was excited for the sunset as clouds were hanging around. As we waited for the sun to go down I grabbed a few more shots of Kate around the bridge area. She looked amazing.

High school senior sitting in the grass.

Sunset came and I set up some off camera lighting to make Kate pop against what would be another amazing Arizona sunset. As people passed by they complemented Kate on her outfit (as they should have). 🙂 Mother Nature delivered a great sunset and Kate rocked it.

Senior girl posing by railroad bridge.

Senior photo shoot by Tempe Town Lake.

Senior photo shoot at Tempe Town Lake at sunset.



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